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Yo Mama

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  1. Zulkill says:
    Contemporary yo mama jokes are closely associated with a Black male youth word game called the dozens, where opponents trade insults about each other’s family, with yo mama being a form of “your mother” in Black English. Sociologists have documented the dozens since the s.
  2. Mikagul says:
    Oct 07,  · The tried-and-true yo mamajokesnever fail to trigger laughter and fun. And while the classic iteration of these is pretty offensive, sexist, racist, and classist, there is still a way to enjoy a cleaned-up version of these iconic jokes without feeling guilty after.
  3. Ter says:
    Mar 22,  · Yo mama teeth are so yellow, traffic slows down when she smiles. o O o. Yo mama is so old, she knew Burger King when he was a Prince. o O o. Yo momma is so fat, when she gets on a scale it says to be continued.
  4. Mejind says:
    Jun 24,  · Yo mama's so fat, she was overthrown by a small militia group, and now she's known as the Republic of Yo Mama. Yo mama's so fat, when she sits around the house, she SITS AROUND the house. Yo mama's so fat, her car has stretch marks. Yo mama's so .
  5. Zulkizilkree says:
    Yo momma so stupid, she took a spoon to the Super Bowl. Yo momma's so poor, she has to hang toilet paper out to dry. Yo momma's so poor, when I stepped on a lit match in her house, she yelled "Who turned off the furnace"! Yo momma's so poor, she can't get rid of the roaches in her house 'cause they pay half the rent!
  6. Tojagore says:
    Yo mama is so fat that the shadow of her butt weighs pounds. Yo mama is so fat that when she’s standing on the corner police drive by and yell, “Hey, break it up.” Yo mama is so fat her blood type is Ragu. Yo mama is so fat that when she runs the fifty-yard dash she needs an overnight bag.
  7. Tezahn says:
    Yo mama so fat, she buys tampons at the carpet store. Yo mama so fat, she can kickstart at space shuttle! Yo mama so fat, she eats breakfast from a TV dish. Yo mama so fat, not even Bill Gates could afford to get her a fat suction. Yo mama so fat, the only one she can walk down the street with is Kevin James.
  8. Goltishakar says:
    37 Yo mamma is so fat she walked past the TV and I missed 3 episodes. 38 Yo momma so ugly, she had to get the baby drunk so that she could breastfeed it. 39 Yo momma’s so fat, she wore a black bathing suit to the pool and everyone yelled “oil spill!” 40 Yo mama so ugly when she went into a haunted house she came out with a job application.
  9. Tujind says:
    May 08,  · "Yo Mama" Jokes in Pop Culture. Shakespeare's "Yo Mama" joke might have been the first one published, but "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" was the first movie to feature such a joke. In this film, a French soldier yelled, "Your mother was a .

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